Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Abundant Blessings

Today I got the opportunity to have coffee with a terrific friend and fellow mother of a child with autism. We laughed and talked about all the weird things our children do. It was such a release to spend a short time with a women who understands......a kindered spirit. I should have been doing two-thousand other things but chose not to. I chose to be in that moment with my friend. Away from reality for just one hour.......It was AMAZING, REFRESHING, and necessary.

Sometimes, I think we get so wrapped up in ourselves that all we see is the bad in our lives. It's easy to get stuck in a rut.....I know I have been in one as of late. Visiting with a friend and watching the suffering in Haiti have a way of forcing you to change your perspective.

I have been kind of nostalgic this week. When you turn on the news, it's shocking. How can you look at the destruction and human suffering and not be moved. I can't even imagine how the Haitian people must be I've been feeling darn blessed this week. I didn't ask for a disabled child but I have a house, car, family, and friends. I think sometimes we forget how good we have it. We have more than these poor people started with. Today, I just took some time to actually appreciate what I have.

Pray for those families and give what you can. Imagine loosing everything including your family......definitely changes your perspective. Over all, consider what you have in your life and thank God for it.