Friday, August 7, 2009

Waiting is the Hardest Part!

Waiting.....seems like we spend most of our lives doing it.

It's painful, sometimes anxious, sometimes exhilarating......but it's still waiting.

As I write this, I am waiting too. Waiting to take a trip, and waiting to hear some important news. Today, as I rush around to get things accomplished to take the trip..(welcome to a mother's world!) I realized that during the waiting periods of life, I have accomplished the most breakthroughs and developed the most insight. It's like God needs us to wait.

I remember waiting for holidays as a child. It was so hard to wait until Santa came. However, the anticipation was almost better than the Holiday. We prepared for the day. We put up the Christmas tree and nativity. We baked yummy cookies and went to parties with friends. We sang Christmas Carols, wrote cards, and shopped for family. Then at my house, we all went to Midnight Mass where a child led the procession, caring baby Jesus because he had finally arrived!

I so remember the preparation like it was yesterday.....

Today, my waiting is not as magical. I wait for a check to pay bills, for the children to finish their activities, for my son to finish therapy, in line at the bank (grocery store), for someone to call me for a job interview. It's all waiting....

Waiting is still a time for preparation. As I wait today, I have contemplated how I could make this waiting productive. I have chosen to reflect on all things in life that have gotten me to this point. I realized how life has taken me so many places that I never thought I would go....... and much of that has happened during the waiting.

I doubt that I would enjoy when things turn out if I didn't have to wait. I hope God prepares my heart for the impending news so that I can find joy in the outcome either way. Waiting is a natural part of life hopefully it will become easier and more productive for us all!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Let's go on Vacation

Those of us who do Biomedical treatment with our kiddos understand the tremendous work it takes to keep them going. There are honestly some days that I would like to throw in the towel and start over...

Although the road has been long....with no end in has ultimately been a blessing.

DJ now lives more in our world than his own. I can even joke with friends about his idiosyncrasies. I honestly know more about trains than any parent should and definitely more about autism and biomedical treatment than I would care to.

Still if I have learned anything, life is a journey. I appreciate DJ's milestones more than I would have if he was neural typical. He has taught me to live in the moment and appreciate the infectious joy and energy that radiates from him.

I write this as I prepare for our family vacation. A time to slow down and get away from the pressures of daily life. I am excited to have this time to reflect, refresh, and regroup for another year. I hope all of you get the same chance too.