Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Enough Already....

Yuma is typically a city with no weather....... We vary between sunny and hot and sunny and warm. There isn't much else to our weather. Lately, I wish that that was the case. We have been flipping between windy and cold, and windy and rainy. I have had to arrange my schedule to get things done when we have a couple breaks in the wind and rain.

The other problem with the weather flips are that this crazy weather has sent my son into various emotional flips and behavior outbursts. You see, major shifts in barometric pressure can cause some children with Autism to have behavioral problems. I have been asking myself if he is actually my child this week.

This week, I have spent many hours trying to keep a containment field around him. It also doesn't help that hubby is still rehabbing from hip surgery, so he's no help. I was really feeling at my wit's end this evening. After I had cleaned up the destruction that was my house for the fifth time, I was about to kill him. I put him in the bath and he threw water everywhere and then I knew that someone was going to have to call a professional for me.........

He got dressed.....then we finished the night time ritual. You know, brush teeth, comb hair, and read bedtime stories. I was so thrilled that seven o'clock had finally rolled around.........the magical hour when the child goes to bed!

Then, he did something that made me regroup and release all the frustration that had been building up all week. When we said our prayers, he asked for God to help mommy. Mommy was tired and grumpy and needed help........and God, could you turn off the clouds. I like rain, but Yuma has enough now and I want to play outside........and lunch inside at school isn't any fun at all.....

Small children have this way of simplifying things. Clearing away all the complications and finding the exact way to solve the puzzle. His answer was that God could fix it..........pretty simple.........Darn, wish I would have thought of that!