Thursday, September 3, 2009

No Man is an Island

Have you ever had days when you just wanted to crawl under the bed and hide. How about having a life just like this? My pastor refers to this as having a messy life. (See his blog from today : as he tells it much more poignantly than I can......

I have determined that I have a very messy life! My family looks very far from perfect and honestly sometimes it's easier not to have to deal with others in this matter. I often find it too painful or difficult to present my problems and then deal with the bewildered looks that follow. I have determined that most folks want us messy people to give the standard reply of "fine" when asked how we are doing. They really don't want to hear that my life is a constant stream of disasters!!

However, I am copping out when I close myself off from others. Yes, relationships take work and commitment. Sometimes, I don't feel like I have time for that. If we are supposed to be pattering our lives after our Savior, then this attitude cannot prevail. Our pain and disasters might help someone else in their moment of crisis. We might also find relationships that ease the pain of our own lives. People need other people.........we were meant to live in a loving community to help and sustain each other. It's easy to forget that here in the cyber age.

I am challenging myself to reach out to others more this week. I know that I have some relationships that could use some patching up. I also know that the Lord has probably presented me with opportunities to meet people that I closed the door on. I am going to make a conscious effort to reach out more and hole up less.

What about you? Are you living on an island? Do you have something wonderful to share that could only be exposed through the messiness of your life? Or maybe, you have compassion and love that could be given to one of us messies. Either way, take a chance and reach out......Jesus did with twelve very messy men......and He changed the world.