Monday, August 31, 2009

Forty-Five Years Ago.....

It was 1963. JFK was president and assassinated in Dallas, TX, America introduced the zip code, Martin Luther King delivers his "I have a Dream" speech, the Vietnam War is raging, Lyndon B. Johnson assumes the presidency, Beatlemania hit the U.S.............

AND............ my parents got married on August 31, in Bay City, Michigan.

I never realized how tumultuous this time must have been for them. Two kids that met at Arizona State University. My mom from a small town in Missouri, and my dad a football player from Michigan. They were just two Midwestern kids, trying to finish college, and fearless enough to get married during these very confusing times.

Forty-Five years is a very long time......

In this time......they raised two college educated children, obtained Master's degrees, taught and influenced thousands of high school students, made many friendships, and touched many lives. Not bad for two kids from the Midwest!

They have always been my stability. My foundation in a very confusing world. My father sees things in black and white......right and wrong. He instilled in me those Midwestern values of honesty, hard work, and commitment. My mother cushioned the wrath of dad when he didn't understand our paths. She was always there to comfort and pick up the pieces when my brother and I fell.

They are amazing people to have stuck it out all these years. They differ in stature, political beliefs, vocation, at one point, religion, and just about every other thing two people could disagree on............but not their love of the Lord.

I believe this is why they have made it these forty-five years. They clung to Jesus when days were dark and praised Him when life was going their way. This was handed down to my brother and I. We were the lucky ones to have been taught by such great examples.

I celebrate Dave and Deanna Sampson today! I thank God for such determined and committed parents. I was lucky to have such an awesome example of God's love poured out upon the Earth and thank Him for two such amazing people everyday!