Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Silent Partner

Most people know that I am married. However, many people have no idea what my husband looks like, what he does, or how important he is in my life. I must admit that I have secretly have held a grudge against my husband. I have thought he doesn't have a clue what my life is like. The absolute craziness of my days trying to keep my schedule together. I have discovered though, that I wasn't giving him credit for what he does and how much he loves us. Although, he doesn't completely understand the stress of my obligations, he always supports the insanity.
Joe my silent partner.

My husband was born in 1950 when the world looked much different than today. He was raised in Baltimore, Maryland a whole world away from Arizona. He is an only child that was born to a poor working class family. I was born the youngest of two, my parents were educated and taught high school. Our worlds couldn't look more different. What brought us together was passion, love, and baseball. Seems rather shallow now!!

Our lives really didn't turn out the way we had planned. Does life ever?? We swore to never have debt, as we were comfortable with where we were. I taught school and Joe taught college. Life was simple and straightforward. Then came DJ........he was enough to throw any boat off course.

Because of DJ, I had to quit work. I also had to give up a substantial paycheck while we assumed tremendous medical expenses that continue today. I learned to trust God and my husband. We have struggled through three years of treatment that often meant I spent months in Phoenix away from home. Joe quietly picked up the pieces and kept the house going, helped with my oldest, and worked to pay the bills. I also watched him sell his prize baseball autograph collection to fund our Hyperberic Oxygen Chamber. He never complained, pouted, or grumbled......he just let things go.

We have an unorthodox marriage at best. I take care of DJ's treatment, medications, food, school, and church. I also take care of the the house, pool, yard, laundry, meals, and Kelsie. He attempts to deal with our budget, works every overload, works both summer sessions, and tries to pitch in to the effort every so often. He also takes care of our son on weekend mornings. I am NOT a morning I get to sleep in!

I couldn't do what I do without him. I have never once doubted his commitment to me or our family. I also rarely tell him he is my Hero. God truly gifted me with a remarkable husband.

Today, I hope you think of who your silent partner is and thank God for their continued support and love. These people are such a special gift.....we should let them know regularly how much they complete our lives!