Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

Why is it that every year about this time we think we need to reflect. It's not that I'm against reflection it's just that sometimes people spend too much time looking backwards and not enough time looking forward. This phenomenon is only worse when December 31st rolls around. I have to admit that I am guilty of indulging in this holiday tradition along with so many others.

A year flies by so seems like just yesterday 2009 dawned with all the promise of an unopened gift. I had so many hopes for my family and personal life. Things I was going to change, improve.........

Well, on December 30th, reality dawns! So many things I didn't accomplish! My children still aren't perfect and I am still not slim, and my husband is still cranky! What's a woman to do??


Tonight, I am going to make a choice to focus not on the things I didn't get right but on what I did get right! I am tired of punishing myself for all the things I flubbed. We could all be better, brighter, more considerate........

I am thankful I have such a forgiving God. His Son certainly covers up many blotches that cover most of my life! I am going to strive to be better, be more holy, be more Christ like! This is my resolution for the coming decade. However, this has been my resolution for the last forty years of my life. I will NEVER be perfect........but, with Christ, I can be better than I ever imagined myself to be!

Happy New Year to everyone! May God bless our country with abudance and compassion this year.