Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Shades of Grey

I consider myself rather low maintenance. In fact an old friend of mine once told me I reminded him of peasant women who had children in the fields and then packed them on their backs and kept right on working. I have always taken pride in the fact that I work really hard and complain very little. I don't need tons of beauty treatments to feel beautiful. Tonight, I had to challenge my thinking on my whole self concept.

Kelsie and I arrived in San Diego after a day of total chaos. We had cleaning, packing, cooking, organizing and loading before we could leave for ARBA National Convention in San Diego. Life has been like this pretty much for the last two months. This means that I have not had time to do much with my personal appearance. I was really looking forward to getting to our hotel tonight and having a much needed uninterrupted hair color treatment.

Now, I am not an amateur at coloring my hair. I started coloring when I was thirty after cancer treatment. When my hair came back in, it was really dark, coarse, and GREY. I was pretty salt and pepper at thirty and that just wasn't going to work for me! Hence, I started coloring.

Tonight, I colored with the same color I have been using for years. Left it on for the same amount of time......and then rinsed. No biggie, right? When it dried, I asked I daughter if it looked exceptionally grey. She stated, "Mom, your hair is as grey as a fifty year old." WHAT?? I totally freaked. Not just a little freak, total freak.

We ran to the nearest grocery store and bought a new box of hair color....Darker. I again repeated the process....praying and bargaining with God about total grey removal. The hair color worked, Thank God!

Now that the whole event is over, I have to admit that this is really trite. I cannot believe that I got so upset about grey hair that I had to run to the grocery store at eleven thirty at night.

I guess even I have learned that Mrs. Low Maintenance has a vain side. Guess we all do. There are things that we just don't want the world to see about ourselves. Now that the hair is fixed, I wonder what else I hide. What do we all hide?

People are complicated. I think patience is needed more along with tolerance for our
harried and frustrated race of beings. I'm SO glad that my heavenly Father loves me warts and all. It makes approaching Him so much easier. I know He had to have a good chuckle over my behavior tonight! I know in retrospect, I did!