Thursday, July 30, 2009

Where's the Beef?

It's happened again....The old commercials are back. I was saving this one for today because it was also rattling around in my head yesterday too. Guess I'm feeling Retro these days.
Again for you younger folks this one was put out by Wendy's during the 1980's. Three grandmas are discussing the fluffiness of a particular competitor's bun. They lift the bun and after gazing at a particularly tiny hamburger one grandma says. "Where's the Beef?"
For those of you who would love to go Retro yourself today you can visit youtube your self!
OK, so what's this ridiculous commercial have to do with life.....
How much of the activities and distractions that we all engage in are "FLUFF"? I am constantly ignoring my spouse and children and God for the computer, television, and cell phone just to name a few. In this era of technology, it has become increasingly easier to stay connected without actually connecting at all.
I'm not saying to ditch all the techie gadgets in your home (good luck getting my computer and cell phone!) .......but maybe we could concentrate a few hours each day on the beef in our life. When was the last time we prioritized our life around the people we love.....not the stuff we have to do?
I think for tomorrow I might make a conscious effort to rise early and talk to God before the phone starts ringing and the day gets away from me. I am also going to spend at least fifteen minutes with my husband in the morning before the little guy gets up and chaos ensues. It's not much but at least I can start the day out with beef and not bun.....