Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Be here now!

A long time ago I heard a speech at a beginning of the year teacher gathering. The keynote speaker discussed how we should all learn to live in the moment. I am sure that I passed it off thinking how I could be getting my room ready for the new school year. I know I was thinking of the many, many things that needed to be done and how incredibly dumb it was to have to attend this lecture. It is amazing how those words have come back to resonate in my life.

Today was an awesome day....
Not because I won the Publishers Clearing House or the Lottery.....or even heard a keynote speaker.
It was awesome because it just was.

Today, I just let life happen and let it take me for a ride. DJ was his usual congenial self and I took time to enjoy that. He wanted to play with his pet we did. He wanted to we did. He wanted to have a picnic in the living room for lunch...and we did! I didn't tell him I was too busy or tired. I didn't even tell him it was too messy!! It is amazing how much more fun life can be when you just let it happen sometimes. Today I enjoyed just being alive and having my son as a part of my life. I was living in that moment. It was an awesome day!!