Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Needs Met....Any Questions?

I usually let my husband deal with the challenge of balancing the budget around here. My belief is that this is as daunting as balancing the U.S. budget most days. We seem to keep spending money like the government the only difference isn't extended to us regular folks anymore. DJ's expenses keep rising and our income doesn't........MAJOR bummer.

I haven't worried too much.....Joe's job is to worry about money, my job is to keep the rest of this insane asylum going. So far, this strategy has worked pretty well....until now.......

With Joe facing surgery, the very real need for income has permeated even my world. Lately, I have been contemplating whether Publisher's Clearing House might actually show up on my doorstep! Figuring this probably wasn't going to happen, I have decided to make a real conscious effort to help lower the Vielbig family deficit.

Hence.......Sub Fever!!

I haven't been able to get a "real" job, but God is providing through substitute jobs. I just started looking this week and I have already procured nine jobs. At this rate, I might get to the point where I could make a dent in our finances. Needs met......any questions?

God continues to move his way through my life. Painting murals where disasters once stood. When things seem the most dire, He opens more doors. Ever happen to you?? Miracles don't have to be huge flashes of light, smoke, and special effects. Don't answered prayers qualify too? I get miracles husband, children, friends, and yes, even sub jobs. It isn't exactly what I wanted, but it is what I needed. Any questions? Nope......Thanks God!