Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Turn Me Around

I drive in Phoenix a ton!! I figured that in the last three years, I have spent as much time there as I have in Yuma. In fact, I know the freeway system as well as the Phoenicians. This last trip was scheduled for DJ but integrated with animal trips between the East Valley and the North Valley. I certainly logged some miles on Kelsie's car in three days.

Tuesday, I had to leave the Ronald McDonald house by 8:00am, drive over to the East Valley and pick up Guinea Pigs, then head way North to DJ doctor's appointment by 9:20. Followed by picking up feed and rabbits for my daughter thankfully still in the North Valley.

For some reason, I passed my exit off the I-10 West bound, and had to turn around. I got to the first stop only to get back on the I-10 heading East bound when I needed to go West. This finally culminated with me getting on the loop 101 heading East when I needed to go West to go home! I never get so turned around in Phoenix.

I think my directional dysfunction can be blamed on having too much to do in too little of time! Ever been here?

Currently, I am facing many transitions in my life. This ranges from decisions about my children, church, and eight thousand activities I am involved in. I just have too much going on..........

A very wise friend of mine told me to start to prioritize what I actually have to do with the things I actually enjoy doing. You see, I have been doing so much that I really don't enjoy anything anymore.

I'm sure none of you has ever been here either!

The problem is that when you start looking at your life, things fall into definite categories. The first one is things you HAVE to do. The second is things you Want to do and the third.......Things you THINK you have to do. I have tons of things in the first and third category and not too much in the second.........sound familiar?

It is a painful process to start to whittle things away in your life. I am currently struggling with that now as I tell people I can't commit to certain activities anymore. I don't like to say no, or do I like to disappoint other people. This type of thinking is costing me my sanity at this point and I am praying that I stick to my plan of simplifying my life.

When was the last time you felt turned around? Goodness knows our Lord planned a day of rest for a reason. My ultimate goal is to take my day back.........time to enjoy my family, read a book, take a drive, have lunch with friends.........whatever! When is the last time you did a "whatever"........maybe we all need to reshuffle from time to time. I am so glad I have friends that will direct me back on the right road!