Monday, August 17, 2009

I Play Farm Town!

It is rather embarrassing to admit........but I play Farm Town on Facebook. I don't just play Farm Town, but I am probably going to need some Farm Town intervention soon!

The game is rather create a virtual farm and find other Facebook friends that you can also addict to play with you. So far, I've manage to addict around sixteen friends.........want to be next?

Seriously, my husband thinks I've completely lost my mind. Everytime he turns around, I'm on the computer harvesting something or other.......I think he believes that if he becomes a Farm Town avatar I will have more interaction with him. I hope he is not right!

I have decided that the reason I play Farm Town is because it is predictable as the heat in the Arizona summer. I crave predictable. Since autism came to live in my house, not too much falls under the category of predictable. If you plant grapes on Farm four've got grapes. The whole crazy game works that way. If I am leaving town, I plant crops that take a few days to harvest. Farm Town even works around my trips to Phoenix with DJ! I've got people who can't work around my schedule.

Farm Town is predictable, and I am accomplishing a tremendous amount in my virtual world. Currently, I am working to get to level 34 so I can buy a mansion. This is probably the only earthly mansion I'll have and I'm pretty excited about it. I have a feeling after that I'll loose interest in the whole crazy thing. There just won't be anything else to accomplish on my virtual farm. Since as humans we feel like we have to be working toward a goal, I know my passion for the game will fade away.

Until then, you can find me on Facebook, playing this silly game............sometimes it is nice to have a least for a little while!