Friday, July 31, 2009

What's the Rush? has been a long day! So glad to have a chance to sit down at the computer, get on Facebook, play some Farm Town, and Blog!

The other thing I always do in the evening is talk to my best friend Pam. Tonight we were chatting while computing (as always) and I told her how excited I was to have called Time Warner and increased my Internet speed. A few months ago, I cut back some of my services to economize and the Internet got hit too......(just another causality of the economic crisis!)

Then we got to talking about dial up. I remember how excited I was the first time I heard the whir and static of the computer connecting. Close your eyes and remember that unforgettable sound!! The world was now being accessed right from my house. Now, getting access wasn't a quick process. In fact, I usually went and made myself a cup of coffee while waiting just to connect. Still...I was was magic!! forward to 2009.

I have been so annoyed the last few months because it took me so long to download photos and manage multiple sites at the same time.

The magic of having access is gone. Replaced by impatience and frustration. The computer has lost it's initial mystique. Oh, I still could not live without it.....but now it irritates me sometimes. I don't often think about how far technology has come to allow us instant digital access.

What happened...and what's the rush?

It was fun to reminisce about old times with my friend. I am glad my computer has progressed from the first Apple IIe that I first used at my Mom's school to my laptop I use today. Today is a good time to live in too....and when I slow down my access speed, I can actually remember that!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Where's the Beef?

It's happened again....The old commercials are back. I was saving this one for today because it was also rattling around in my head yesterday too. Guess I'm feeling Retro these days.
Again for you younger folks this one was put out by Wendy's during the 1980's. Three grandmas are discussing the fluffiness of a particular competitor's bun. They lift the bun and after gazing at a particularly tiny hamburger one grandma says. "Where's the Beef?"
For those of you who would love to go Retro yourself today you can visit youtube your self!
OK, so what's this ridiculous commercial have to do with life.....
How much of the activities and distractions that we all engage in are "FLUFF"? I am constantly ignoring my spouse and children and God for the computer, television, and cell phone just to name a few. In this era of technology, it has become increasingly easier to stay connected without actually connecting at all.
I'm not saying to ditch all the techie gadgets in your home (good luck getting my computer and cell phone!) .......but maybe we could concentrate a few hours each day on the beef in our life. When was the last time we prioritized our life around the people we love.....not the stuff we have to do?
I think for tomorrow I might make a conscious effort to rise early and talk to God before the phone starts ringing and the day gets away from me. I am also going to spend at least fifteen minutes with my husband in the morning before the little guy gets up and chaos ensues. It's not much but at least I can start the day out with beef and not bun.....

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Time to Make the Doughnuts

I am dating myself by remembering the Dunkin Donut commercial from the late seventies. For those of you younger types this poor man kept getting up to his alarm clock ringing until he didn't know if he was coming or going... In fact, he met himself at the front door as multiple copies of him stumble around saying "Time to make the doughnuts".

I have included the youtube site for those who don't remember or would like to visit memory lane!

Today I felt like Fred the Baker. I cleaned: rabbits, cavies, house, laundry, toilets, children, yards.....only to know that tomorrow I will get the glorious privilege of doing it all again. I will even get to do it at my Mother's house and my church. Time to clean up everything...Time to clean up everything...

This would be a depressing story except that Fred the Baker made the doughnuts over and over so that his customers would have a variety of fresh doughnuts every time they came in. That is the jest of repeating the same tasks over and over.... because we care!

We do these monotonous tasks so that those folks depending on us will have what they need when they need it. Things have to get done...that's just life. However, do we do them with a stale coffee attitude or a pink frosting and sprinkles one....

Today, I was stale coffee and cardboard doughnuts. Tomorrow, I think I'll choose pink frosting and sprinkles...what will you choose?

Be here now!

A long time ago I heard a speech at a beginning of the year teacher gathering. The keynote speaker discussed how we should all learn to live in the moment. I am sure that I passed it off thinking how I could be getting my room ready for the new school year. I know I was thinking of the many, many things that needed to be done and how incredibly dumb it was to have to attend this lecture. It is amazing how those words have come back to resonate in my life.

Today was an awesome day....
Not because I won the Publishers Clearing House or the Lottery.....or even heard a keynote speaker.
It was awesome because it just was.

Today, I just let life happen and let it take me for a ride. DJ was his usual congenial self and I took time to enjoy that. He wanted to play with his pet we did. He wanted to we did. He wanted to have a picnic in the living room for lunch...and we did! I didn't tell him I was too busy or tired. I didn't even tell him it was too messy!! It is amazing how much more fun life can be when you just let it happen sometimes. Today I enjoyed just being alive and having my son as a part of my life. I was living in that moment. It was an awesome day!!