Friday, August 21, 2009

One More Time

Children have this incredible way of not letting go of things. DJ, for example, wants to jump in the pool, ride the train, ride on the bus, play a game of Uno, ride his bicycle down the street..........One more time! There are days it almost drives me crazy. I get so caught up in just trying to get things done that I forget..............

the early days.........

I remember having a two and a half year old that didn't talk. How I longed for him to just say my name. He did once.............then I never heard it again for three years.

I remember a little boy who was sick ALL the time. In a time span of a year and a half, he was hospitalized four times for the flu. The worst part was he couldn't even tell me what was wrong. He had to have tubes put in his ears, his adenoids removed, and his tonsils out during this same period of time. I thought about getting frequent flier miles at our local hospital! We even found out that he had sleep apnea. I endured two sleep studies on a three year old and the sleep machine that followed us home. I thought only overweight or old people had apnea........guess I learned.

I remember a little boy who sat in a room staring blankly at the dust filtering in the window.......for hours. He didn't even notice when people came and went from a room, or when someone came to the door.

I remember enduring endless doctors appointments. Only to hear the experts tell me....."There's nothing wrong with your child." Still.........I knew. I just knew.

I remember a child who wouldn't eat. He still ate baby food at two and a half years old because it was all he would eat. If you tried to give him something else he projectile vomited all over you, the counter, the floor and the walls. DJ threw up a lot.

Finally, I remember going to the specialist in Phoenix. Oh, this place was well known and I was finally going to get some answers.........only, I was afraid of the answers.

These experts told me my child had Autism and I should give him a multi-vitamin, fish oil, and think about long term care for my son. They really offered no hope and I sat very still, watching my boy, with tears rolling down my face. I couldn't speak.......I just had to leave.

Those were the dark days........the days long before, "One more time."

Taking care of DJ's needs isn't any easier but my child is healthy, happy, and lives in my world now. We still have much to overcome and many mountains to climb. However, we are so far from those dark and scary days.

So today, if your children or grandchildren start to drive you a little nutty........remember you could have silence and a life without "One more time".
Please pray for us:

Thank you God.......for recovering so much of DJ. You have given Michelle back the promise of DJ's future. I pray that other parents will be able to experience the joy of taking their child back from the grips of Autism. I also pray that other parents will be comforted in those dark times when this disease/disability robs so many parents of their hope.